Beeswax Furniture Polish 250g Pot




Using a traditional recipe our Beeswax Furniture Polish will nourish and restore wood surfaces while creating a protective waterproof finish along with a deep luster and soft sheen. With regular use our polish will help to preserve wood and prevent drying and cracking for years to come.

Our polish is 100% non-toxic and safe for your home, family and pets. Your home is an important environment. Our polish enables you to maintain and care for it without nasty chemicals and toxins.

Most beeswax furniture polishes contain mineral turpentine (a petro-chemical), toluene and other nasty chemicals which are damaging for your family and the environment – not ours!

Enriched with a subtle eucalyptus scent to leave your surface not only looking great but smelling divine.

Suitable for furniture, floorboards, veneer and antiques. Our polish also works wonders on stainless steel, concrete and leather.


Ingredients: Beeswax, gumtree sap, olive oil, linseed oil, eucalyptus oil.


Application and Maintenance : Simply dust and then buff then polish in to the surface with a clean soft rag. A little bit goes a long way. No commercial sprays or other cleaners are needed. If something spills on the surface, the natural waterproof properties of the beeswax will help prevent damage caused by spillages.

Use every 3-6 months. For maintenance dust the surface weekly.